Adventures in Boobieland: Mommy Break

Last week was tough. Merle wouldn't go to sleep until after midnight every night and the less she slept, the more irritable she became each day. Of course the lack of sleep had the same effect on me. By the end of the week I was fried and my temper was short. Every time Merle cried (which was every couple of minutes) I felt like I was going to explode.

As much as I think I can do everything on my own, the reality is some times I need help. The dynamic between Merle and I and our cranky moods wasn't going to change unless we took a time out to reset ourselves. I'm very fortunate to have a close family that lives nearby, so my mom graciously offered to watch Merle for a couple of hours. The time off was exactly what I needed. My sister and I went shopping and I had my make up done. It felt great to have time to myself and feel like a grown-up.

When I came home, I couldn't wait to snuggle Merle, but my fussy, clingy girl was too busy playing and laughing. The brief separation had reset her attitude too. Some times a little time off is exactly what the doctor ordered. Next time you're frustrated with a little one, try taking a brief break to reset your patience.

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