Clearing The Path To Happiness

We went to visit my parents for Easter this weekend. Like all visits to their house, it was filled with a lot of playtime and way too much food. This is especially true on holidays. I somehow always manage to eat my weight in carb-rich, greasy food. It's just too tasty to pass up. While my belly processes all of the food I ate, my mind is just as full as I lay down to digest the message from the church service yesterday morning.

As I've said before, this blog is not about religion and I am not pushing a particular set of beliefs out there. The service I attended was at my parents church, a Unitarian congregation (WellSprings). Their minister (Ken Beldon) graduated from Brown and his insightful messages always make me question the way I live my life, not just spiritually, but also intellectually. This Sundays message was about removing the stones in life that block ones path to peace, love and happiness. For each person these 'stones' are different, ranging from low self esteem and self loathing to grudges and resentment towards others. These negative thoughts and feelings block our path to contentment and only by healing ourselves are we able to remove these from our lives to achieve happiness. Some times we are our own worst enemy and biggest obstacle.

Ever since the conclusion of the sermon, I have been thinking about what stones are in my path. To be honest, there are quite a few self-imposed ones there. It will take time, but I'm starting to work on rolling those stones out of the way. What is in your way to peace, love, and happiness? When was the last time you made an effort to heal and renew yourself?

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