Baby Proofing Basics

Even in a studio apartment like ours baby proofing is important. But baby proofing can be really difficult to navigate when manufacturers make it seem like you need to spend thousands of dollars to make your home safe. To make matters more challenging, what needs baby proofed changes as your little one grows and develops. I'm obsessive about most things in life, but when it comes to Merle, I'm full blown neurotic. I spent weeks researching baby proofing items and even considered buying an infant safety helmet (I still do some days). I've compiled a list of what I think the practical essentials are.

Edge guards
As your little one starts to stand on their own, they are prone to falling and the worst injuries that can happen are related to hitting the hard edges of furniture. Edge guards are ugly but safety comes first. Save money by only covering corners and edges that your baby spends a lot of time playing near. I used this roll of foam that could easily be trimmed it to any size and attached using the included double sided tape. The day I put it on, Merle played with it and pulled it off, but she quickly lost interest and I put it back on. Expect this engagement to happen with just about edge guard product.

Tub Spout Cover
Merle loves getting a bath and it melts my heart washing her splash in the water. Some times she swims around a little too much, which is why a spout guard is necessary for the tub. It's right at eye level and if she wiggles too far forward, an eye or head bump could result.

Baby gate
Baby gates are pricey, but they block off entire areas that would otherwise need to be baby proofed, like the kitchen or stairs. For early in the mobile stage, baby gates don't seem worthwhile, which is why we didn't buy one. Now that Merle is walking around, I've realized this was a mistake. Constantly ushering her away from the hot stove is frustrating for me and unsafe for her.

There are other things that are nice to have like stove knob covers, drawer locks, and outlet covers, but they aren't as essential. I also recommend waiting to see what your child gets in to, rather than sinking a whole bunch of money into baby proofing things your baby doesn't mess with. I hope this helps!

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