Breaking Out Of The Comfort Zone

I have a habit of getting into comfortable routines and sticking with them long past their usefulness. That trend is apparent in just about every aspect of my life from food and fashion to relationships and what I do in my free time (ha! what's free time?). Spring brings warmer weather and longer periods of daylight, but most importantly it brings hope for new beginnings. I'm working on climbing out of my comfort zone to create a future with fewer self imposed limits. Here's a few things I'm doing this week to open my mind and shake things up.

-Try new recipes
This chipotle chicken and sweet potato dish was incredible.

-Explore neighborhoods outside the Penn bubble
Apartment hunting is a nightmare, especially when I limited myself to only a few blocks. Now that I've expanded my search, I think I may have found the right place.

-Be assertive
At work I said I was interested in a higher level position that just opened up, even though I only started there two months ago.

-Build relationships
I'm notoriously bad at this, whether it's friendships or love connections. Call me the incinerator; I burn bridges like woah. I'm being more proactive about caring for existing relationships and cultivating new ones. In general I prefer to be alone, but I want it to be by choice and not because I'm seen as someone who doesn't care about others.

What about you? Trying anything new in your life lately?

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