Birthday Party Planning Frenzy

The invitation I designed for the event. Two months before the party isn't too soon to send it out right?

A couple of years ago I had a friend who would obsess over her daughters birthday for months before the actual event. At the time, I thought she was crazy. Why would someone spend hours planning every minute detail of a toddler's birthday party when the child won't even remember it? Now that I have a little one of my own, I find myself doing the same thing. What should the theme of the party be? Should the decor be pink with hints of yellow or yellow with hints of pink? Do people mingle better when there's only appetizers or when there's a grab and go main course? Should dessert be cupcakes or cake or something else entirely? These are the things I spend my free time thinking about.

Why do moms go crazy over little kids' birthday parties? I don't know if there is a one size fits all answer to this question. If I really think about it, birthday parties are a way for moms to showcase to their skill at being a mother. Obviously what happens the other 364 days of the year is what is most important, but for family and friends who aren't able to visit frequently, it's a ideal time to show you still manage to keep your shit together (mostly). The pressure feels especially strong for young moms, because many of us feel like we're constantly being evaluated as to whether or not we're good enough for the job. With birthday parties, you can show you're just as crafty and glamorous as any other mom, if not more so ;)

This year I'm going with a birds and the bees theme. I'm imagining a party in the garden with light, yet filling finger foods and lawn games like bocce ball for entertainment. Here are a few pins currently fueling my party planning ideas. Follow my party planning Pintrest board here for more inspiring party photos.

I love everything about this.

Merle's individual cake design. I'm making it without sugar and flour. Recipe for a later post.

I love the look of paper lanterns and simple flags to decorate an outdoor space

This cake is so beautiful, it has me wanting to incorporate more pink into the party!

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