Take the Trash Out of Lunch

My go-to lunch storage: a playfulful bento set and a reusable sandwich bag 

This week's lunch: seitan and sauteed peppers and onions in a tortilla, kalmata olives, baby carrots with tahini, strawberries, an apple and a banana.

Ever think about how much trash you create with your lunch each day? From Ziploc bags to plastic wrap and aluminum foil to napkins and utensils, trash accumulates quickly. The environmental implications aren't something to ignore, but as the waste bin fills, your wallet empties. Using these disposable items can be expensive as the costs add up over time even if spending a few bucks per package doesn't seem like much. Do yourself a favor and take the unnecessary trash out of your lunch by exchanging disposable packaging with reusable ones, like food storage containers and cloth snack baggies. As an added bonus, reusable packing is often more aesthetically pleasing. Your wallet and your waste bin will be thanking you.

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