Wrap Stars

This week is a little hectic for us as I prepare to leave one job and start another next week. The change is very much welcomed, but there are a lot of lose ends that need tying up, which have me running around making calls and setting up meetings. There isn't much time for me to fuss over food this week, so I came up with two easy, healthy wraps that come together in minutes and can be eaten on-the-go for any meal of the day. As an added bonus, these recipes are vegan and peanut-free.

Sweet Apple Sunflower Seed Butter Wrap

1 Whole wheat tortilla
1/2 Tbsp Earth Balance (vegan butter)
2 Tbsp Sunflower Seed Butter
1/2 Apple, sliced
Pinch of cinnamon
Swirl of honey

Microwave the tortilla for 10 seconds. Immediately spread the butter over the entire surface of the tortilla. Next spread the sunflower seed butter, focusing on the center of the tortilla. Layer on the remaining ingredients, wrap it up, and you're good to go.

Savory spinach cheese wrap

1 Whole wheat tortilla
3 Tbsp Chive Vegan cream cheese
1 cup Baby spinach
Salt and Pepper to taste

Microwave the tortilla for 10 seconds. Spread the cream cheese in the middle of the tortilla. Layer on the spinach, season with salt and pepper, and wrap it up.

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