Finding Organization in Your Recycle Bin

Washi tape is the only thing that converts this old tahini jar into elegant storage for make up brushes

I am a self-proclaimed organization queen. I have always been obsessed with keeping things orderly, but in our 300 square feet apartment it is an absolute necessity that everything is contained and organized. The only problem is that store bought organizers can be pretty pricey and when you need a lot of them, the costs can rack up quickly. My solution? I recycle upcycle leftover containers from food and drinks I regularly purchase, which makes them essentially free with the exception of decorative additions. I usually use craft supplies I have around the apartment like washi tape, chalkboard paint, and card stock to spruce up jars and bottles, but these decorative additions are not necessary. All you really need is a little imagination and the recycle bin can be your oyster. The most difficult part is just getting stubborn labels off and I even have a solution for that! Check out a few of my examples below with details on how I spruced them up. 

The sticky residue from the label on this jam jar didn't want to come off, so I put it to good use by adhering cardstock to give a colorful exterior to what is now bobby pin storage. I created the decorative border at the top using one of Martha Stewart's paper punches and added a strip of washi tape to fit in with the rest of my containers.

I store all my pantry staples in these containers that I added two coats of chalkboard paint to and a little washi tape to hide my inexact paint job.

This was my first attempt at upcycling: converting a leftover tomato can into a utensil corral. I painted the exterior and added washi tape around the middle and around the interior rim (not shown) to prevent any cuts from the rough edges of the can. I went with a watercolor motif, but in hindsight, I probably should'nt have painted it. The shine of the can itself would have looked great. 

This is my most recent upcycle. I cut a 2 Liter bottle of soda in half to create marker storage. A little washi tape makes it something extra special and covers up the rough edges. 

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