Beauty Magazine Tips and Tricks

Once upon a time, I was a teenage girl who spent a lot of time pouring over fashion magazines for the latest quick fixes for beauty woos. I may have stopped spending money on magazines (because all that content is online now and really, who has the time to sit down and read a whole magazine?), but some of the tips I picked up over the course of my readings, I still use today. Here are the five bits of info I found to be the most useful. I hope they help you too!

1. When a pimple flares up, use toothpaste to calm it down.

If you get the occasional pimple like I do, you don't always have pimple cream on hand, because at this age you feel like you should over them, right? My skin tells me otherwise sometimes, so at night I put a bit of toothpaste on any offending bumps. Like with all of these tips, I can't remember what magazine I read it in, but the toothpaste somehow draws out whatever gunk is clogging your pores and reduces redness and inflammation. Word to the wise toothpaste can be very drying so if you have dry, sensitive skin to begin with, you won't want to use this as a long-term remedy.

Bonus Tip: This little trick works wonders on summertime bug bites too.

2. Don't wash your hair every day.

I have dry, thin, curly hair and this little trick does wonders for the health of my hair. By waiting a day in between washes, my hair has a healthy shine and holds its shape better. It was especially beneficial in getting my hair back in shape after i stopped bleaching it. Now don't be gross; I still shower every day, but I tie my hair up away from my face and keep it out of the shower stream. On the off days, I usually opt for my go-to top knot, but lately I've been having fun experimenting with different braids and half up, half down styles. Can't start your day without clean hair? Try dry shampoo, available in powder or spray varieties, or wet your hair and only use conditioner.

Bonus Tip: Avoid using shampoo with sulfates, which can be extra drying to hair.

3. Always use an eyelash curler.

Clamping something so close to your eyes in a metal contraption can seem scary to anyone, but especially girls with limited make up experience like I used to be. I'm here to tell you curling your eyelashes is the best thing you can do, whether you have a one minute, make-up free beauty routine or a half hour multi-layered make-up extravaganza. Curling your eyelashes instantly brightens up your face and gives your eyes the appearance of a full night's sleep. Use this beauty trick every day prior to mascara application (I like to hold it for the count of 10) and you won't be disappointed. Need your lashes to be curled longer than usual for a late night event? Use a hair dryer to heat your lash curler for extra long staying power.

Bonus Tip: When applying mascara, start at the base of the lashes and slowly wiggle the brush back and forth as you work your way up to the tips, for the look of added volume and length.

4. For healthy nails, take a vitamin E supplement.

Healthy hair and nails seem like they should go together, but my sister has a thick and lustrous wavy blonde mane with stubby nails and as I've said before, I have dry, brittle curly hair, with strong nails that won't stop growing. I would personally rather have nice hair, but I'll take what I can get. For anyone with trouble in the nail department, vitamin E is your friend. There's a lot of polishes out there that claim to help grow your nails, but what they do to the exterior of the nail isn't going to help your body grow them any faster. Take a daily vitamin E supplement, or better yet, increase your dietary intake of it with vitamin E rich foods like almonds, and your nails will be long in no time.

Bonus Tip: Vitamin E also helps give you a brighter complexion.

5. Place frozen spoons on your eyelids to reduce puffiness.

Stayed up late watching that tearjerker or had a tear-inducing fight with your boyfriend and now your eyelids are red, swollen, and puffy? Yea I hate when that happens. Get those eyelids looking normal again, but applying the backs of frozen spoons onto your lids. The cold temperature of the spoons will reduce the swelling within minutes. Really any cold compress will work, but spoons are similar in size and shape to your eyes so they make sure all the right places get the cold, without turning your whole face into a Popsicle.

So what do you think? Anything useful here? What are some beauty tips you make use of regularly?

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