Adventures in Boobieland: Infant Entertainment

When I'm at my funniest, Merle likes to clap her hands together while she laughs in delight. 

Merle is eight months old already. My sweet little girl, who seems like she was a newborn just yesterday, needing nothing but a warm bosom to snuggle into, is already becoming independent and mobile. When she's not being held, she wants to be on the ground scooting around and exploring her world, but not without an audience. Our studio is about the size of a postage stamp and it only takes a few paces to get from one end to the other, but if you step away from Merle for even a moment she cries out. A lot of it is my own doing, because when she was younger, I held her almost all the time, except for her extended night time sleeps. Now that she's over the 25-pound mark, it's a bit more difficult to carry her constantly, especially with her sudden lurches to grab anything that seizes her attention.

To give my back a break and to help with getting my to do list done, I’ve learned the key to keep her from fussing when she’s not in my arms is to provide her with entertainment. Her favorite form of entertainment? Me, being as ridiculous as possible. That can mean anything from funny faces to showing her my dance moves to my own renditions of classics like Old MacDonald Had A Zoo. Any of these would be laughable to someone with eyes and ears, but she gets a particular kick out of it. Why is it that babies love laughing at others expense? I can’t give you any scientific data to answer that question. I will say that in our case, I think it might be because I allow myself to fully succumb to the silliness of the moment. Babies are little emotional thermometers and when I’m trying to entertain Merle, all my inhibitions are lost and I’m happy to see her happy, no matter what I have to do. I still hold her most of the time, but when I do need to set her down, we can still laugh and play together while I’m getting things done. 

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