Adventures in Boobieland: All Nighters-Baby Style

Merle turned nine months old yesterday and she is on her way to being a toddler already. Now that she is mobile, she wants to go go go all the time and make use of every moment to explore her world. Sleeping, she has decided, is a thing of the past, reserved for immobile infants. Every night we go through her usual bedtime routine, ie bath, baby massage, story time, and an extended nursing session, which then used to be followed by ten hours of sleep, but for about a week, she has seen it as a brief slow down in a several hour playtime session.

Less sleep for Merle means less sleep for Mommy and less sleep for Mommy usually means  cranky mommy comes out to play. Sleep deprivation does me in, but with this recent string of sleepless nights, I've kept my cool. How? By telling myself this is just another stage in her development and like the others, I will miss it once it's over.

It is easy to get caught up in the struggle between what she wants (playtime) and what I want (sleep), but instead of trying to force her into something she isn't interested in, I try to just enjoy the extra time with her. The night ends up feeling like those nights in college when I pulled all nighters sorta because I had to and sorta because I didn't want to miss out on a moment of great conversations and great friends. Those were the nights that defined my college experience and bring to mind memories that I will always think of fondly. Years down the line the all nighters spent with Merle will be happy moments to reflect back on, just like those nights in college.

For her sake, I hope these sleepless nights will be over soon, but for now I cherish the extra alone time I get with her at night.

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