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Steam cleaning - cheaper and faster

Whenever we had guests stay at our house growing up, which happened frequently around the holidays, my mom would work herself into a tizzy, freaking out about the house being clean (love you Mom). Now that I have a place of my own I have a tendency to do the same thing, despite my attempts to not carry on the tradition of stress, but I have a few tips and tricks to make the cleaning process easier and cheaper. I've broken it down into categories based on the order in which I clean our apartment.


We live in a Victorian conversion built in the 1800s so our apartment is a perpetual dust fest. Feather dusters just push dust around but Swiffer dusters, which trap the dust, can be expensive, especially when you go through them quickly. Instead I purchase store brand floor Swiffer dusters, which are larger and come in a larger quantity per package than regular Swiffers (plus store brand is almost always less expensive and frequently goes on sale). I cover my hand with the duster and wipe down pretty much every surface in our apartment a few times a week.


I have never minded vacuuming, but mopping is a pain in the butt. I hate the frequent stopping and starting and by the end I feel like I'm just pushing around dirty water. Then you have to take up more time waiting for the floors to dry. Wet Swiffer mops solve part of the problem, but are just too expensive. A floor steamer can cost about as much as a starter kit for the Swiffer Wet Jet (depending on the model) and comes with a machine washable pad that you can use over and over again. The only input it needs is water and the steam leaves your floors sanitized and dry. Another big plus for me is that it's chemical free so I don't feel like I'm exposing the baby to hazardous fumes like some cleaners emit. Because I'm on a budget I went with this steamer here, which gets the job done well (I steam all the floors, including the carpet), but if money isn't a constraint, I would go with a multipurpose model that can steam just about anything from floors to drapes to clothing. Side note: Unpopular colors of vacuums and steamers are less expensive than their more popular brethren,  sometimes by as much as half. I say who cares what it looks like and save the extra money. 

Kitchen and Bathroom

The biggest time, money, and space saving advice I have is to use one cleaner for everything. Buying ten different specialized cleaners is expensive and it would be nearly impossible for me to find a storage space for so many different products. It would also take time to stop and start again each time a new product was needed. I use a multi-surface cleaner and a sponge to clean everything in the bathroom, like the vanity, toilet, and shower, and the kitchen, including the counters, stove, and fridge, with only a change in sponge between the two spaces. All it takes is a spray and a wipe and I'm done. I use either Honest Company's plant based multi-surface cleaner or Windex's antibacterial multi surface cleaner, depending on whether or not I can clean with the windows open. I won't clean with harsh chemicals on days when the windows can't be open to circulate air, but the Windex's brand product will leave all your surfaces looking shiny and new.

I hope these tips and tricks are helpful. Another great way to save money on cleaning products is to either always try the newest cleaners, which have a ton of coupons and promotions going on in the marketplace, or to purchase lower end brands at discount retailers like dollar stores. I tend to do a mix of both of these.

I hope these tips and tricks are helpful! Do you have any tips on making cleaning faster, cheaper, or easier?

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