Online Grocery Shopping

There are very few things that I'm willing to pay a premium for the sake of convenience, because most things are cheaper and of better quality when done yourself. That said now that I'm back to work full time, my free time is limited and my to do list isn't any shorter, so when I found a service that delivered groceries to your front door the day after you ordered them online, I gladly paid a little extra for a huge time saver.

My initial discovery of FreshDirect occurred after bringing home rotten vegetables from our neighborhood grocery store (Fresh Grocer, only the worst grocery store known to man) for umpteenth time and I was so angry that I vowed never to go back there and to find a better way to buy groceries. Using the FreshDirect website or mobile app, I pick out everything I need like I would at a regular grocery store and pick a two hour window to have the groceries delivered, which can be as early as 6 am the next day. When I signed up for the service, they had a promotion running for one cent for a two month delivery pass, which means I pay next to nothing to ship groceries to our apartment as many times a month as I want with a $30 per order minimum. They also have free delivery promotions running frequently even if you are not signed up for the delivery pass. In comparison to our local overpriced grocery store they also have reasonable prices. Win win!

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