Gift Wrapping with Craft Paper

With the holiday season in full swing, I thought it was time I shared some gift-wrapping suggestions. After seeing this year’s Christmas commercial for TJ Maxx, my partner has taken to calling me ‘the gifter.’ I spend a lot of time picking out the right gift for everyone on my list, but I obsess over wrapping them even more. Just like many things in life, presentation is what draws people in and captures their attention, before they learn what is inside. Lately craft paper has been my go to wrapping paper. I love that it lends a handmade feel to any gift and can be customized by adding anything from ribbon to stamps to markers. Craft paper is also really cheap at only $1 per roll and you can use it for any occasion that way you don’t have a stack of unused paper with Santa faces smiling at you all year long. 

Pictured above are a few ways I wrapped my gifts this year using craft paper. The top two gifts have tissue paper wrapped around the outside to create a bold band of color. The gift on the left also has a layer of ribbon, whereas the one on the right uses multiple layers of tissue paper on top of a printed craft paper. The green candy wrapped present is for Merle and features craft paper underneath a tissue paper exterior, in the hopes that she can unwrap it herself. She's seven months old now, but it's still probably wishful thinking on my part. The gift in the bottom left features a stamp to inject a little extra Christmas spirit. Wire trimmed ribbon is one of favorite wrapping accents because it allows for more control than regular ribbon, which is why I used it on several presents this year, not just the one pictured in the middle. For a few extra special presents, I tied on a gold glitter reindeer I picked up at the dollar store like all the other wrapping accents shown above. The final gift pictured in the bottom right corner is wrapped in yarn for a playful accent. This year I only wrapped one gift with yarn, but last year I wrapped almost all of my gifts this way using various colors of yarn. 

Not crazy about craft paper or want a few more wrapping ideas? Check out my Christmas Pintrest board here for other festive ideas. 

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