Coupons for Christmas

A coupon I gave for Christmas a few years ago

Some of the best gifts I have both given and received are coupons. Yes that's right, coupons, but what I'm referring to is not the usual penny pinching assortment. The coupons I am talking about are vouchers for free services from the gift giver to the receiver, such as free massages, babysitting, or cleaning. When I was a child and had no money of my own, I started hand drawing coupons and giving them to various family members for Christmas. As I got older, gifts of monetary value took center stage, but I still love giving coupons. The reason? Most of them require the creator and redeemer to spend time together and with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is great to have something that forces you to slow down to spend time doing something for someone else. Here are a few coupons I have given, plus a blank one to make your own. 

For a partner or loved one

To share a skill with a friend

A blank one to create coupons of your own

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