Weekend To-Do List

What my weekends used to look like

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? It’s my last weekend before going back to work, so I want to make the most of every day. We kicked it off today by taking a trip to Chinatown to get hand drawn noodles, picking up a few treats at Reading Terminal Market, and watching the Christmas lights show at the Macy’s in Center City. The day was made perfect when we sang happy birthday to Merle, who turns seven months old today, and she laughed out loud. I have sang to her every month since she was born, but this is the first time she seemed to notice it was a special song, different from the ones we normally sing together. It was such a happy moment and reminds me why I always wanted to be a mom. Here is my to-do list for the weekend that focuses on spending time with my little girl:

Sleep in (as long as the baby will let me)

Play in bed in our jammies as a family

Pick up new veggies and meat from the farmers’ market for Merle to try

Spend the afternoon at the park

Savor a hot cup of tea with (almond) milk and honey

Wear sweatpants all. Day. Long.

Finish buying and making Christmas gifts

Watch a Christmas movie (I’m thinking Frosty Returns or The Santa Clause)

Take a nap

Spend 20 minutes doing something for myself

For whatever is on your weekend to-do list, enjoy it!

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