Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Besides spending time with my family while enjoying a carb-rich meal, my favorite part about Thanksgiving is decorating the table. Growing up we almost always had Thanksgiving dinner at our house and my mom gave me free reign to design and execute the tablescape. I usually focus on seasonal colors, like amber, gold, and green or seasonal motifs like pumpkins, turkeys, and cornucopias, but this year I decided to do something specific to the holiday at hand.

The center piece of the table this year is going to be a thanks tree. The tree will feature small paper ornaments with handwritten notes about what each guest is thankful for that can be read aloud at dinner. To create my thanks tree, I only needed to purchase a few new supplies from the Dollar Store, including floral foam, twine, Spanish moss, and decorative stones and the other items I already had on hand. I placed the floral foam inside a clear glass vase and filled the open spaces with decorative stones and Spanish moss. I inserted a pretty twig from outside into the foam to act as the tree itself. To create the ornaments where people can write what they are thankful for, I cut card stock into circles, punched a hole towards the top, and threaded twine through and knotted it into a circle. The entire project only cost a few dollars and brings a little sentiment to the table decor.

The centerpiece awaiting ornaments of thanks

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