On Enjoying the Weekend

Sunday snack in a fun bowl.

It’s Monday and another workweek has commenced. We work our butts off all week and then by the end of the day Friday, we’re ready to drop everything and dive face first into the weekend. When I was in college, I would ignore my school work Friday night and Saturday, only to be confronted with a mountain of work Sunday morning that took me all day, and most of the night, to complete. That trend continued after college, just with a different to-do list. What I realized was that I was really only enjoying half my weekend, spending the second half worrying about the workweek. Last night instead of the usual Sunday hustle, I made popcorn and watched a little television to savor the last bit of my weekend. It was divine.

Popcorn is an easy, inexpensive, and waistline friendly snack to make, especially when you forgo the prepackaged variety. A bag of corn kernels costs about $1 and per serving costs only 4 cents. You can pop the kernels in an air popper or on the stove, but the easiest way to make popcorn is to pour a thin layer of kernels in the bottom of a paper bag, fold the bag up into thirds, and microwave it as you would a normal bag of popcorn. When the popcorn finishes popping, you can pour on your favorite toppings or eat it plain for the healthiest option. I like mine with a little melted Earth Balance vegan butter and Old Bay seasoning, but here are a few other topping suggestions.

-Olive Oil and Sea Salt
-Butter and House Seasoning
-Lime Juice, Salt, and Coriander
-Carmel and Chocolate Drizzle with Cinnamon

I hope you are feeling rested and 
ready for the week ahead!

Plain kernels line the bottom of this bag.

Here's what the bag looks like all folded up. It's ready for the microwave!

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