House Seasoning: How Making Your Own Saves You Time and Money

Last week I talked about how to save money by buying spices in bulk from ethnic markets and I wanted to share another way that you can save time and money in the kitchen. Is there a group of spices you use over and over again? Chefs do and you can buy their premixed seasonings for a premium at the grocery store (think Emeril, Paula Dean, etc). Stores can charge a premium for these so-called house seasonings partly because of the celebrity chef endorsing it, but also because it’s a convenience item. Grabbing one bottle out of the cabinet and shaking it into the pot saves a lot of time in a process that usually requires fishing out multiple containers and measuring each spice. If you want the convenience without the expense, make your own house seasoning that tailors to the tastes of your household. You can keep the mixture in a shallow bowl or spice shaker purchased at the Dollar Store. Any spice combinations you use regularly will work, but here is what I keep on hand:

2 parts Garlic Powder
2 parts Garlic Salt
3 parts Oregano
1 part Red Pepper Flakes

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