Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Calming views for an unquiet mind

Next week I have to go back to back after a three-month leave of absence and to say I have been stressing out is an understatement. Being home with Merle has been such a joy and has helped me discover my true self and what exactly I want to do with my life. That of course has nothing to do with the job I am returning to and internally I feel like a two year old throwing a tantrum over having to stop playing and go to bed. It does not matter how much of a fit I pitch, I still have to do it. When I get in to these stress induced tantrums, I either harness the mental energy and end up doing well, or I completely collapse under the pressure. Lately I have been trying to figure out what factors play a role in me having a successful outcome in the hopes of pushing the current odds in my favor. A wise friend suggested changing my mindset from feeling forced to go back to work to that of me making the conscious choice to go back to work to provide for my family. The problem is that is much more difficult to change mindsets then it sounds. The only variable I found that factored in to all my positive dealings with stress was being healthy. For me that means eating a balanced diet, exercising, and taking vitamins. Until a few days ago, I had not worked out since my senior year in college and although my diet is not horrible, carbs have been taking up far too much space on my plate. It is nothing groundbreaking, but in just a few days, I already feel an improvement in my mental and physical wellbeing. As I 'make gains' with being healthy, I hope to see continued improvements with my stress handling leading up to D-Day next week. 

What about you? What helps you deal with stress?

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