Gift Giving

With the holiday shopping season now in full swing, I created a list of my gift giving suggestions for this year. These gifts are all budget friendly and can satisfy even the most difficult people to shop for on your list.   


As a book worm, I love to give and receive books, but it can be difficult to know exactly what someone else likes to read. These two books provide plenty of fodder for the dreamer. 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the US and Canada has all the ideas you need for weekend getaways, for times when time and money is a little more available, and My Ideal Bookshelf recounts favorite books of notable thinkers and celebrities in the hopes of getting in a different mindset.

2. Mugs

Nothing beats a mug full of a piping hot beverage in the winter, or if you’re me, any time of year. Unique mugs packaged with the recipient’s drink of choice are a thoughtful gift.  The mugs shown above are made with healing stones, which are said to improve things such as love life and overall wellbeing. While I can’t speak to whether these healing powers really work, at least the mugs are beautiful.

 3. Slippers

Like mugs, slippers are a warm treat in the cold weather. I swear by LL Bean’s Wicked Good moccasins, which are available for both men and women. They are insanely cozy and last forever (I’m only on my second pair in eight years.

4. Tervis Tumblers

If you don’t own any Tervis Tumblers, you should pick up one for yourself while you’re buying gifts. They keep the beverage inside at the same temperature it was when it was first placed into the cup, whether that means keeping coffee warm or keeping iced tea icy cold, all while staying room temperature on the outside of the cup. To make the cup easier to go, there are dozens of accessories ranging from lids to straws to handles that go along with the cups. There are also hundreds of designs to suit any taste and I like these silly mustache ones.

 5. Frames

In the age of social media, fewer and fewer photos get printed. I am all for clearing up clutter, but having a few framed photos around personalizes any space. That is why I like to give framed photos as a gift. You can customize a frame from the dollar store by adding paint or decorative flourishes, but if you’re short on time, Things Remembered has a few inexpensive frames that can be personalized with engraving.

6. Skill Sets

Do you have a skill that is begging to be shared, such as cooking or knitting? Make a how-to guide and package it as a set with a few supplies. I like to write cookbooks emphasizing fast and easy recipes and a Crockpot would be a perfect match.

7. Gift Cards + Spending Date

Gift cards are a perennial favorite because they allow the recipient to get exactly what they want. The downside to giftcards is that they can be viewed as impersonal. Instead of just giving a giftcard, include with it a date to go shopping together to spend it.

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