Focusing on the Positive

For my little sister's recent 'coming of age' birthday, I bought her three gifts, one for her head, one for her heart, and one for her character. As she comes into tweenage years, I wanted her to be reminded that her looks are not as important as who she is internally. The gift for her character was a positive affirmations journal and I asked her to write down at least one happy thing that happened each day with me starting her off by writing 'You are loved.' on the inside cover. But I shouldn't have just given the journal as a gift. I should have started my own as well.

I tend to be a negative person. I can find negativity in just about anything and when I find it, I store it up and replay it in my head over and over again, adding it like kindle to a growing fire. I try to remain positive and upbeat but when you have an affinity for the negative, it is impossible to escape. With a positive affirmations journal, you are forced to think about what's going right, at least as long as it takes you to think of it and write it down. When the going gets especially tough, you have all the previous entries to brighten your mood. There is nothing like replacing the tape of negative thoughts inside your head with positive ones. My daily dose happiness today comes courtesy of a walk in the crisp autumn air with my daughter and the family dog. What about you? Do you tend toward the negative or the positive? What happened today that made you happy?

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