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For four years I was a broke college student and now that I'm a mom on a budget, I am no stranger to DIY gifts. Showing someone you care by spending time and thought creating a handmade gift for them is more important than worrying about affording a store bought gift and often times you can customize handmade gifts more. Also as an added bonus a lot of DIY gifts are fun to make. Want to make something but not sure what? Pinterest is the Mecca for crafting ideas. I pulled together a few suggestions for this years gift giving season, but first I have a few tips to help keep your budget even lower.

1. Shop for supplies at the Dollar Store.

Craft stores tend to be overpriced and you can often find the exact same items at the Dollar Store.

2. Make multiples of the same gift.

If you need to give out several gifts, settle on one DIY project and make multiples of the item. This cuts down on the number of supplies you have to buy. With most projects you can find ways to make it unique for each person without spending more money.

3. Wrap small gifts in big ways.

Want your DIY gift to score big points from the get go? Wrap it beautifully to make it a stand out gift from its very first impression.

Now for the best part, pinspiration! Links to come tomorrow.

DIY Smores Kit

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Custom ornaments

Bookmarks for the readers on your list

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