Couple Adventure

A little adventure brought us together

Now anyone who knows my relationship chronicles knows that I am most qualified to offer advice on how to ruin relationships not strengthen them, but every so often I do get things right. My partner and I have been struggling to get along lately and even though we live in a 300 square foot studio, we go days without interacting. In an effort to improve things between us, we decided to take a little afternoon adventure. There is a great Mexican restaurant (Don Memo’s to my Penn friends) that we used to frequent in college for drunken celebrations, but it’s located in the far reaches of the city. When we went there in college, we would take a cab and load it up with several people, lowering the cost of the ride. With just the two of us, it’s a bit pricey to take a cab so we decided to trek there on the subway. Neither of us is familiar with the subway and it’s in a less than savory area, but trying something new ended up being exactly what we needed.

We got lost of course and passed more than a few creepy characters. Along the way we talked and teased each other about who’s sense of direction was worse. Eventually we found the place we were looking for and had a leisurely lunch in an entirely empty restaurant. Spending time as a couple and conquering our fears, brought us closer together, physically and emotionally. Coupling this new adventure with something we had done during happier times in our relationship, made the experience even better. We came home from the adventure feeling renewed, refreshed, and like we were actually in a relationship. I don’t think we would go back out there on the subway again, because it was a little too scary, but I will have positive memories of the one time we did.

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