Adventures in Boobieland: Drinking on the Job

Me + my favorite drink in college

When I was in college, I was a bit of a wild thing. If I wasn't doing school work, you would find me with a drink in my hand. I can be more than a little awkward and I needed alcohol for its social lubrication powers.  A Jack and ginger or whiskey sour tended to be my go-to cocktails, but I diversified depending what was available at a given party, ranging from red bull-vodka to tequila shots to 4Loko. I enjoyed it thoroughly, except how I felt the next morning of course, and when I found out I was pregnant a few months after graduation, I lamented the loss of my relationship  with the bottle of Johnny Walker in my fridge.

After the birth of my daughter, I was excited to have my first drink. The lactation consultant at the hospital even okay-ed drinking on the job, the mommyhood job that is, every so often.  For my first drink I had a mint julep, a velvety bourbon drink with sugar and mint, and a few sips in I was already feeling the effects. I had been looking forward to having alcohol, but when I finally had some, I realized I hated it. The feeling of teetering on the edge of losing control  that I used to enjoy made me sick to my stomach. The taste left me wondering why I had once savored alcohol so much. I want to enjoy having a drink with my partner or when visiting with family or friends, but every time I try to drink, I can't do it. What about you? Has your experience with alcohol changed since graduating college or becoming a new mom?

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  1. My relationship with alcohol has definitely changed. In college I used to just drink and have a good time, but in grad school I feel much more self conscious about letting my guard down. I definitely don't feel comfortable enough around people to get as silly as I used to only a few months ago! I'm afraid of being judged negatively. So I definitely drink less.