Rainy Day Fashion

Woolrich Flannel Shirt, J. Crew Sweater, Gap Leggings, North Face Jacket, Hunter Boots

Who says you can't be comfortable AND stylish when heading outside in the rain? Living in a city when you need to get somewhere, you have to walk outside regardless of the weather. That makes having a great pair of rainboots and a durable rain jacket a necessity. I adore my Hunter rainboots that mimic the look of riding boots. They are a bit pricey at $295,but they are worth every penny because their craftsmanship is impeccable (they're handmade in Scotland!) and they will last a lifetime. The same goes for the North Face jacket shown above. It is nice to have a longer jacket that will keep more of your body dry. As many of you know, I swear by dark denim, but in the rain it is a no-go. Ever got your jeans wet and seen the blue tint your legs take on from the dye? These pants from Gap are as comfortable as your favorite leggings but are a thicker knit and have all the detailing of a great pair of jeans. Cozy flannel plaids continue to be on trend and wearing one makes you feel like you're in your pjs all day. Layering on one of this season's trendy animal sweaters brings added warmth and a touch of playfulness. Having an outfit like this makes it a little easier to climb out of bed and be outside in the rain.

But if you do get to stay inside, here are two things that help me enjoy the elements from the other side of the window....

A hot drink and something
 a little sweet in this mug from Uncommon Goods
L.L. Bean Slippers

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