Nights Away From Home

Today was day two of our road trip and now that we reached our final destination I'm exhausted. Despite the exhaustion, I'm having difficulty sleeping in a bed that is not my own. Whenever I need to sleep somewhere else while on the road, I worry about how clean the bed linens are. I mean I know hotels and rentals are held to certain regulations in terms of cleanliness, but I always worry they don't actually follow the rules, leaving the bed and surrounding area soiled customer after customer.

I think the bigger issue is that I am a homebody. I prefer being home with the baby and my partner over anything else. I love being with my family and sleeping in the same bed I have slept in since I was 16. It's comforting and relaxing in an otherwise stressful world. This trip is a double whammy because the baby and I are sleeping somewhere strange and my partner remained at home. My anxiety surrounding sleeping in hotels always seems to dampen vacations. I really hope I get over it someday, but after two decades and change, should I just accept it?

What about you? Do you prefer the comforts of home or the comforts of a hotel? I may be in the minority when preferring my own bed to the plush and luxurious beds of hotels.

Note: Exhaustion won out last night and I fell asleep while writing this post. Mission: Sleep was a success until I woke up around 1 AM in full panic mode. It's a work in progress.

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