Layers of Love: Fall Fashion for Infants

Before my daughter arrived, I imagined dressing her as a miniature adult in the most fashionable clothes a la Harper Beckham, but when she arrived and I put her in adorable dresses, she looked so uncomfortable. I couldn’t bear seeing her in that much discomfort, so I started putting her in comfy knits with interesting graphics or colors. With Merle’s wardrobe I have a few rules I keep in mind in addition to comfort. I am one of those crazy moms that feels very strongly about not wanting to reinforce negative gender stereotypes, which means I avoid clothing that has graphics about shopping, beauty, or being a princess (even though her nickname is the Little Empress). At no point in her life do I want her to think her self worth is based on her external appearance, however that doesn’t mean I don’t like picking out cute clothes for her or dressing her in pink. It is more than possible to meet all these requirements as the outfits below will show.

babyGap Sweater, Booties, and Headband; Polarn O. Pyret Leggings; Nature Baby Bodysuit

This outfit is cute and cozy with layers that can easily be added or subtracted based on your little ones temperature. The graphic moose leggings from Polarn O. Pyret are the focus, with more neutral items mixed in to prevent the look from being too bold. Even though Merle can not walk yet, I have started putting booties over her socks as an added measure to keep her warm.

babyGap Jacket; Polarn O. Pyret Tunic; Tea Collection Leggings and Socks

Graphic, yet simple, this outfit is perfect for a day in the park. The print on this tunic from Polarn O. Pyret is sheer perfection with nods to nature and innocence. Ribbed leggings are layered underneath in a basic gray so as not to compete with the print of the tunic. Socks that are extra long cover much more than just the baby’s piggies for additional warmth. For the coldest of days, layer on a thick jacket.

Tea Collection Top; Polarn O. Pyret Cardigan; babyGap Leggings, Booties, and Hat; Carter's Bodysuit 

With a Chinese father and a Caucasian mother, we had no idea who Merle would look like when she was born. It turns out she has a look all her own and pale pink tones make her skin positively glow. The pink leggings shown above from babyGap come in a 2-pack and are a staple in her wardrobe. The top from Tea Collection is easy to put on and has just enough visual interest. I want the baby’s belly to always be warm and covered, so if I put her in a top that is not a body suit, I layer a tank bodysuit underneath. Tank body suits, like these from Carter’s, are great because they provide just enough warmth when layered and you don’t have to worry about struggling to put the baby’s arms through more sleeves.

Polarn O. Pyret Dress; babyGap Tights, Hat, and Coat

With the impending holiday season, a dressier look is occasionally needed. This dress from Polarn O. Pyret can be unbuttoned to create a wide neck opening for easy changes and tights keep little legs warm. I first thought this dress coat from babyGap was a bit overdone, but it has become my go to coat for Merle because it is longer, providing more coverage and warmth, without being as heavy as a down jacket, which is the other long outerwear option.  The sherpa hat covers your little ones ears without having to constantly adjust it, as with many knit hats.

How do you dress your little ones? Any product features you love or hate when changing time comes around?

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