Curator to the Museum of the World

Where next?

Before getting pregnant, I envisioned spending my early twenties gallivanting around the world and then settling down to a quiet suburban life to raise children. Most of my family-oriented friends seem to feel the same way, but does it have to be that way? More recently I have started to reconsider this notion while trying to figure out the ideal location to raise Merle. I want somewhere that has all the advantages of an urban environment with easy access to green space and throughout the world, numerous cities fit into this category.

A parent is the curator to the museum of the world for their child. What a child sees and does is completely controlled by their parents. From infancy onward we make sure our children are engaged educationally, but the best education is hands-on experience. Instead of limiting learning to classroom instruction in a single suburban environment, why not expose children to all the world has to offer by living in different cities? I’m not saying that it’s good to uproot children every few months, because such a complete lack of stability would do more harm than good, but moving to a new city every few years shouldn’t be looked at as something selfish or detrimental. Some of the most interesting people I have  met were raised in multiple countries. Exposing children to new cities and cultures opens their minds to new ways of thinking and does the same for their parents. Life is not over when you have a baby; having a baby allows you to create the best possible life for someone else. 

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