Adventures in Boobieland: How I lost 65lbs in Two Months

9 months pregnant and toting around an extra 55 lbs

I've gotten a lot of compliments about how quickly I regained my figure after pregnancy, probably just because people saw me steadily gain 55 pounds over the pregnancy that they are surprised to see me looking like anything other then a whale, but they make me feel good none-the-less.  I thought I would share how I got rid of the pooch without spending any time in the gym. 

First I have to admit that a lot of it has to do with my pre-pregnancy body type. I spent ages 7 to 16 being a competitive swimmer and those years of swimming gave me the muscle tone (read: metabolism booster) that carried me past the freshman 15 in college and all the way through a pregnancy. The more muscle tone you have to start with, the more calories you burn while doing absolutely nothing and the easier it is to keep the fat at bay. That isn’t to say that those years of swimming gave me some miracle calorie burner after a pregnancy in my twenties. That prize goes to breastfeeding, which is hands down the biggest contributor to regaining my figure. Breastfeeding burns 500 (!!!!) calories a day and causes your uterus to contract, helping it to shrink to pre-pregnancy size. It is an all-around win. Your baby gets the best nutrition possible and you get big boobs and a little middle.

I understand that breastfeeding isn’t for everyone. I definitely had a rocky start (more details later) and for medical reasons, it is not possible for some women so I will move on to the third factor in my weight loss success: mommy-cise. Mommy-cise is all the exercise I do throughout the day, just doing mom duties. Carrying the baby alone is an arm workout, but we all know we can’t just sit around holding the baby all day (I wish!). For example we have the I’ve-got-to-keep-the-baby-upright-but-need-to-reach-something-down-low squat and the I-keep-forgetting-where-I-put-stuff-so-I-have-to-take-the-stairs-five-times climb. City moms know all about the holy-crap-I-bought-too-many-groceries-and-now-I-have to-carry-them-home arm burners (bonus for carrying them home with the baby strapped to your chest). You don’t really think about these mommy-cises. They’re just a part of your normal routine. Even things like taking the baby out for stroller rides help keep the post-baby pooch at bay. What’s good for baby is good for mama.

The same goes for diet. No no I don’t starve myself or deprive myself when I’m having a craving for something sweet, or more often, something fried, fatty, and salty. I try to eat a balanced mix of foods to make sure I get all of the nutrients I need. This is especially important when breastfeeding because the baby relies on your milk for all their nutrients. I had a bit of a challenge with being a vegetarian and with Merle having quite a few allergies (dairy, soy, peanuts), which is how I lost another ten pounds after losing all 55-pregnancy pounds. I felt like I was starting to get too skinny, so I ended up introducing some chicken and fish into my diet, after 16 years as a vegetarian.

I think all of these factors played a part in helping me regain my pre-pregnancy shape. It’s just all a part of a lifestyle, which is nice because it doesn’t require any extra work and what new Mom needs more work? None. 

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