Sunday Morning Coffee

My Sunday morning breakfast: a cup of coffee, rice pudding,
and freshly baked rosemary olive oil bread

In our household we go through a lot of coffee. I mean A LOT. The amount of coffee my partner drinks in a day numbers in pots. Buying that much coffee from a café or even making it at home with premium beans is out of the question. What I do instead is buy the largest container of store brand coffee I can find and doctor it up to make it taste just as good as the stuff at my favorite café. Last time I bought coffee I found a 34 oz container of ground coffee for $7.99. That works out to be just 3 cents a cup! Even for us that is a lot of coffee to drink before it goes bad, so we store it in the freezer so that it stays fresh as long as it takes us to finish it all.

When I’m ready to make coffee, I scoop out the desired amount of grounds and put it in the coffee maker. For a single cup, I use a Keurig coffee maker with a My K Cup, which allows you to use regular coffee instead of the expensive flavored K cups. For a higher caffeine demand, I use a French press, which is also the best method for iced coffee. Now comes the good part. I add a sprinkle of cinnamon and carob powder, a vegan chocolate alternative, directly onto the grounds. The entire cup is then laced with flavor, because it was added prior to the brewing process as opposed to pockets of flavor that occur when it’s mixed in later. If you like your coffee black, you’re ready to enjoy, which is how my partner likes it best. With nursing the baby I have to limit my caffeine intake, so when I do drink coffee, I like to make it as decedent as possible by adding a bit of agave nectar and vanilla almond milk. These additions add cost however, and aren’t really necessary, because the cinnamon and carob powder (or cocoa powder if you prefer) add enough flavor to drink the coffee black. Give it a try! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

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