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Farmers' Market Finds

In today’s world we are all on a budget. For some of us this may be a financial budget, a time budget, a calorie budget, or any number of things we have either too much of or too little of, but we all allow ourselves to be constrained by these factors in the hopes of some long-term gain. I limit myself constantly to these tight budgets with the mindset that one day it will pay off and I can live carefree (jokes! because with my type A personality that’ll never happen). I’m still a believer in this, but I’m also learning to savor some of life’s little indulgences. Take yesterday for example. 

Up until now I worked most Saturdays and when I didn’t, it was usually because I requested off for some obligation, but for once my day was a completely blank canvas, only to be filled by my heart’s desire (oh and laundry and cleaning the apartment).  There’s a farmers' market held every Saturday morning at a park near our place and I had been dying to go. Going to the farmer’s market meant an additional time invest to my usual routine, because I would still have to go to the grocery store later and it tended to be pricier then what you buy at the supermarket. With the warm autumn air swirling around me, the smorgasbord of produce and baked goods enticingly displayed at stands stretching down the block, and a cooing baby strapped to my chest, I knew it was worth treating myself to this experience, no matter what budget I was ignoring. I found myself captivated by the moment and for once truly living in the present. Isn’t living in the present and being happy with where we are in life what we’re all searching for? I’m not saying to go crazy and buy the designer coat you’ve been lusting after that costs as much as your annual salary or anything, but sometimes we just need a little reminder of what all the hard work is for and reward ourselves for going through the daily grind.

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