Adventures in Boobieland

My First Ultrasound

Just a few months ago I was the new kid on the motherhood block. I had anxiously waited for nine months and within a couple of hours of labor, I brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. But then it hit me, what do I do next? I spent countless hours doing research during my pregnancy to find out what the best products for this and that were for the the baby and trying to figure out everything I should be doing while she was in utero to give her the best start in life. People always joke that babies don't come with instruction manuals, but really, BABIES DON'T COME WITH INSTRUCTION MANUALS! I was completely at a loss after I gave birth. I wanted to protect my little girl and do all the right things for her, but I realized I didn't know how to do that. I had finally figured out the whole pregnancy thing. When she was inside of me, I knew she was safe and well protected, but once she was out, I didn't know what to do. The nurses and doctors in the hospital were great about teaching my partner and I the basics, but I felt like I wasn't ready to be given charge of this precious life and the forty-eight hour stay at the hospital flew by. When we brought Merle home, I googled every little thing she did and site by site, I figured out how to care for her. 

There were some great sources of information like the American Pediatrics Association website and What to Expect The First Year, but a lot of the stuff I had questions on couldn't easily be found in these sources. Who I really needed advice from were other moms. What I found instead were women who either wanted to scare you silly or had older children and time had blurred their memories of what it's like to be a new mom. The ones who were sharing advice while in the thick of things were extremely biased, either hipsters, who thought anything mainstream was horrible or mainstreamers, who didn't believe in anything you can't find at Walmart. I wanted straight advice from other young moms facing the same challenges and that's why I'm going to include a weekly post about my Adventures in Boobieland. I'm still learning all the time, but I want to share what I have learned over the past few months and what I discover along the way. Motherhood is sometimes joyous, like seeing your baby smile for the first time; sometimes scary, like when your child refuses to eat for hours; and sometimes hilarious, like having to drink your own milk because you forgot to bring enough bottles to pump in to at work, but it's always better shared. 

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